Anna Profile Thumb


1 day ago

I love how close the Proximity is to everything! This is currently my second year living at the prox and I will probably live here again next year!

Emily Profile Thumb


4 days ago

It is great, love the community and the quickness when I need repairs! People really enjoy helping when its needed and the environment is very enjoyable to be around.

Hannah Profile Thumb


6 days ago

I think its a nice place to live minus the random knocking at my door in the middle of the night then no one is there. I don't really know my neighbors but the ones next to me seem cool. the pool is also nice.

Madeline Profile Thumb


7 days ago

Enjoying my apartment and the amenities in the building so far. The move in process was very easy and management has been responsive an issue we had.

Savanna Profile Thumb


20 days ago

The Proximity is aesthetically pleasing from the outside. I enjoy the outdoor areas and short walk to campus. I do not enjoy the smell of urine and feces in the stairwell or constant water bugs from the pool.

Jahi Profile Thumb


20 days ago

Amazing complex, it’s vibe that never gets old. I could Live here forever. but have u ever lost ur keys, but found the keys to the streets? Yea, me neither

Anabel Profile Thumb


22 days ago

So far my apartment community and experience I have had has been pretty good. I have met lots of people in my classes who also live at proximity. This has allowed me to make other friends outside of my roommates.

Janet Profile Thumb


23 days ago

I love how quiet the neighborhood/community is. I am also very pleased is who quickly they attended our service requests. Staff is also very welcoming is that is also appreciated. The only problem concern I have is the elevators always have a smell or need to be cleaned.