Nathaniel C. Profile Thumb

Nathaniel C.

8 days ago

Overall very good experience. The maintenance crew is very reliable and the grounds are very new and modern. Very happy in my current living situation

jess*@*.net Profile Thumb


10 days ago

The staff are so friendly here! They make sure that we are happy at all times, and do their best to accommodate us. The furnished apartments are very nice as well.

anto*@*.com Profile Thumb


13 days ago

Beautiful apartments and great location. Haven’t had many problems. Only complaints are the rent varies between residents (dependent on when you signed), no guest parking (which was guaranteed when signing my contract) and the security on the weekends is definitely overboard (standing in the hallway in front of doors, asking residents questions, making it like a dorm instead of an apartment. You have to have a key fob to get on each floor, so there is no need)

Laura W. Profile Thumb

Laura W.

13 days ago

One of my roommates was a terrible match but other than that it’s a great place to live! It’s super close to campus and everything looks brand new.

Charles M. Profile Thumb

Charles M.

25 days ago

if ever there is an issue, you guys are really good at helping find the solution. also the people that work in the office are always nice and helpful.

Shelby F. Profile Thumb

Shelby F.

28 days ago

The Proximity is a great place to live. The rooms are so nice and spacious and the location of the building is so convenient! So glad I'm staying here this year

Julia L. Profile Thumb

Julia L.

28 days ago

I love living here but sometimes there are a couple things they lack but they make up for it in taking care of things that are messed up. I am glad i chose to live here

Anna B. Profile Thumb

Anna B.

28 days ago

I love living at the Proximity at 10th mainly because the people who work in the leasing office are extremely patient, kind, and understanding!

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